Seriously Annoying Matlab Surfer

Here you can download our population receptive field modelling toolbox: SamSrf 7

It allows you to conduct a range of pRF analyses, including model-free pRF and connective field analyses, and also supports a number of other surface-based analyses of neuroimaging data. We aimed to make a user-friendly set of tools for plotting surface maps and for manual delineation of brain regions.

SamSrf runs in Matlab. The normal version calls a number of SPM12 functions although it can be used without SPM. It also uses 3D reconstructions of the cortical surface created in FreeSurfer. It is also possible to use surface meshes not created in FreeSurfer or use volumetric data, although functionality will then be limited.

Please contact us if you have any questions or spot any problems. However, please be advised that we do not usually provide extensive tech support to people unless we collaborate with them.

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