Dr Man-Ling Ho

Sam (and I’m sure the whole lab) are happy to announce that Man-Ling (Mandy) Ho has passed her PhD viva! The title of her thesis is Estimating the subjective perception of object size and position through brain imaging and psychophysics and contains two overarching projects: in the first she used fMRI and population receptive field models to investigate the neural signature of size perception in human visual cortex, and how it relates to the perception of stimulus position. In the second project, she conducted a series of psychophysical experiments to compare and develop methods for measuring perceptual bias.

It must be very hard doing a PhD when your main supervisor lives on the other side of the planet. This involved a lot of emails and WhatsApp messages and also a few video chats (when Sam couldn’t avoid it :P). Fortunately, it was great that Mandy could visit New Zealand during the course of her PhD. We also caught up at the ASSC conference in the “other London” in Canada and indeed this is where we had the idea for one of her experiments. The importance of this in-person interaction cannot be overstated as I am sure many people have discovered over the past year of Covid.

Many congratulations to our newly minted doctor!

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