Our 1st (Annual?) Global Lab Meeting

The entire lab, except for Dr Elisa Infanti who for practical reasons already visited New Zealand in 2018, got together for the first time in Auckland. We were joined by Dr David Carmel of Victoria University of Wellington. We started off the day with short presentations by all the students, followed by longer discussions. After that we went to have lunch in a café in the heights of the Waitakere Ranges. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then we drove through the clouds out west to Karekare Beach for a walk leaving people to discuss freely (David and Sam talked at great length about replications and open reviewing).

As good vision scientists, we checked out the waterfall there for another real-life demonstration of the motion aftereffect. This successfully replicated the work of Kalpadakis-Smith, Schwarzkopf & Greenwood (2018) at ARVO.

These two people are randomers and probably had no useful insight into the replication crisis or open reviewing whatsoever

To conclude, we all went to Sam’s place to have drinks on the deck until late in the night, where we were joined at some point by a possum visitor (nasty invasive species bent on destroying the local wildlife but still bloody cute).


Again, very sorry Elisa and other postdoc incarnations, Christina, Ben, and Nonie couldn’t join us. But we need to have more gatherings like this in the future!


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